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Extendeal is the platform designed to streamline the daily purchases of your pharmacy, saving you both time and money.

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With Extendeal, you'll save time and money on every purchase, every day!

Pharmacies using Extendeal for daily restocking compare prices, spot exclusive deals, and save between $ 100 and $ 700 with each purchase.

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+ 200 K

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+ 300 M

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Secure the lowest prices for each of your products. Always. Interested in joining your pharmacy to the future of purchasing?

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MB Pharmacy

The truth is that I had never used a platform to compare drugstore prices before, but since I found out about Extendeal Pharma, it has become an indispensable tool for me and my pharmacy.

Ariel S. Gigliotti
(General Manager)


Secure the lowest prices for each of your products. Always.

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Extendeal performs a price comparison among multiple distributors and automatically selects the best prices in real time, taking into account stock, offers, promotions and outside commercial agreements. It then executes the most efficient purchase order.

No, Extendeal is a complement to the purchasing module for any management system.

By default, the system generates the price comparison with all active distributors on the platform. If you wish to exclude any of them, you can do so by simply deactivating them from the comparison.

Through our platform, pharmacies can access the catalog and price list of multiple distributors and make a stock and price comparison in minutes.

Yes, by simply "switching off" the rest of the suppliers in the price comparison. In this way, the tool selects the purchase of all products from the only active supplier.

Yes, Extendeal is suitable for both medicines and toiletries.

The platform is in "the cloud", so anyone with a computer and internet connection can use it.

Extendeal allows you to manage multiple points of sale thanks to its flexible architecture. In addition, the role model allows you to create different users and assign them to the branches you want, controlling access to the information and functionalities of the platform.

We are an international company that currently has a presence in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Spain and the United States, but continues to expand to other countries.

No, the platform is very intuitive and simple. Its design makes it easy to navigate and manage your purchases. However, if you need help, we have an expert team ready to provide assistance and video tutorials so you can take full advantage of all the features of Extendeal.

When you send an order to the different distributors, the system automatically validates the available stock. In case of differences, we will send you an Excel file by email with the detail of the available products so that you can impute them in your point of sale system.

In addition, each time you place an order, you will receive a .txt file by email with the total list of products purchased from each distributor. This file can be imported directly into your point of sale system to allocate the purchases made.

The minimum purchase agreements that each pharmacy has with its distributors will be taken into account in the comparison, but they are not modified.

The connection is very simple, once you login to Extendeal you have to configure the username and password you use for each supplier, that's it! The platform will connect automatically.

Yes, the platform can be integrated with any wholesaler that has a digitized ordering platform.

Promotions are identified with a label in the price comparison table. This label includes a brief description of the promotion, for example: "10% off from 5 units".

Yes, Extendeal's Reporting area creates customized reports according to the needs of each client.

Yes, you can do it in two ways: by loading the list of products to buy and then discarding the purchase, or through the shopping cart, looking for the products, adding them to the cart and starting the comparison.